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New online service hacks 10.000 Facebook accounts in 1 month →  February 11, 2017

Recently a new site has been discovered that hacks Facebook accounts at an absolutely insane pace. So far, nothing has been done to stop it and it seems like it isn't going to be stopped anytime soon. Just last month (January), the service claims to have hacked more than 10.000 Facebook accounts. If you do have a Facebook account (as most people do) then we strongly urge you to update your password and possibly enable 2 factor authentication. The site is called Hayy - naturally we do not urge you to use their malicious service to hack Facebook accounts.

→  June 22, 2012

Art Basel: one of the premier modern art shows in the world, taking place in a city that is an international center for contemporary art. Almost three hundred galleries participated in the 2012 show and art lovers, collectors, and workers thronged the streets for the week of the exhibition, infusing Basel with color and energy. […]

→  June 18, 2012

The “Land of Leopard” – a national park was established in the Far East of Russia in April 2012. The Government of Russia is planning to spend 40 million Rubles yearly on park’s maintenance. The number of these northernmost leopards has reached a critical level. According to the most optimistic estimates, there are no more […]

→  June 17, 2012

On the 31st of March 2012, the third most famous amusement park in Europe, Germany’s Europa-Park, inaugurated a brand-new roller coaster, proudly named WODAN Timbur Coaster. As you may already know, Europa-Park is divided into sections corresponding to countries of Europe, and WODAN is located in the Icelandic quarter, between the Atlantica SuperSplash (Portuguese quarter) and […]