Monday afternoon cortege in the Carnival of Basel

February 27th, 20132:06 pm @


Like every year, from the first Monday until the first Thursday that follow Ash Wednesday, the city of Basel in Switzerland celebrates what it calls the three most beautiful days of the year, namely the carnival or Fasnacht. The carnival of Basel, which is ranked in the top fifty festivals in Europe, starts on Monday morning at 4:00 sharp and finishes 72 hours later, on Thursday at this very same time. Every year there is a new theme and motto chosen for the carnival. For 2013, the motto is “zu mir oder zu dir”, which means “at my place or at your place”.

The early Monday morning’s spectacular cortège is known as Morgestraich (sometimes spelt “Morgenstreich”) and it marks the start of the festivities. Later on, in the afternoon of the same day, starting at 14:00, there is the fabulous cortège, which you can admire from nearly every corner of the city. This year we were posted at the central bridge of Basel called Mittlerebrücke and we took for you the amazing photos below, so that you can catch a digital glimpse on one of Switzerland’s most awaited yearly event.

You can see the pictures of last year’s Monday cortège here.