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→  April 1, 2010

Love has always got something enchanting about itself. It supplies your brain with some kind of unknown energy that no food in the world can give. This fancy ruddy charm of Love, which is so abstract, has always surfaced with its own kind of twists and complexity, but still managed to be highly searched after […]

→  March 29, 2010

Crisp white snow, pristine clear air, the vastness of the sky seems to be much closer and the mountain slopes look classic in the snowy garment, like posing for couture. Auli is a destination to encompass such a scenic beauty and be a rugged terrain, both at the same time. An important ski destination in […]

→  March 29, 2010

The old traditions and customs can go beyond our mental horizon. Especially when it has its own streak of colours, the not-so-in-things for enjoyment, and where the deep-rooted cultures are so much cherished they can create in you the respect for the same. And it is so much in conflict with the today’s contemporary world […]

→  March 27, 2010

The concept of valor and courage is woven intricately in almost every historical epic of a country. The harshness of the so called fighters is part of their personality. You can not just put this toughness and rawness away from these fighters. Their stamina to endure any given situation is remarkable and thus is their […]

→  March 25, 2010

Winter sports are lots of fun and our Sunday outdoor ice-skaiting  is certainly a prof of it!  Three city girls we arrived to the quiet country-side, it seems even more quiet during freezing winter.  Dressed in layers and equipped with old skates we are heading to the small frozen pond nearby. Winter forest is stunning, […]

→  March 22, 2010

It may seem unusual and difficult for some of us to relate to the entire religious activities of India. The history of this country is uneven at best, and this has all contributed in the from countries huge and tremendous religious diversity. For some of us who have come from the Monotheistic religion and believe […]

→  March 21, 2010

Learning foreign language is fun especially if you have a chance to study in the country where it is spoken. I was lucky one to land on New Zealand ground in pursuit of English improvement. Studying in the school named Languages International promised a culturally vibrant environment and unforgettable experience. In reality it was. I met […]

→  March 13, 2010

It’s sometimes fairly a great feeling to indulge in the ecstasy of pure bliss. And there are way different forms to do so. The gala event (of bliss) should have the potential to just bind all your forces together and not let you be free from its spell. And what can be pure bliss? The […]

→  March 7, 2010

Working has really slowed down my spirit. My calling to take a voyage somewhere is yelling to me, and I am ignoring it for very long. I am not showing the best trait of being a traveler, that is spontaneity. Really that is required. To travel long distance sure we need to plan, but the […]

→  March 7, 2010

How can you brand the regal ness of the Indian Maharajas? Who could have stand upfront to help these Kings to pose out their purple robes? And how it could have been possible for the Rajas and the Maharajas to boastfully flaunt their estates? The kingly royalty was so very nicely endorsed by these super […]