Cape Reinga

September 20th, 200810:38 am @


The most Northern tick of New Zealand is marked by a Cape Reinga lighthouse. This is the meeting point of Tasman sea and the Pacific ocean. Be prepared to enjoy the stunning views, go for a walk around the area and observe the place from different perspectives.


By the way Cape Reinga has an important cultural aspect, the word Reinga is borrowed from Maori language and means the ‘Underworld’. The place itself according to Māori belief simbolised the point where the spirits of the dead enter the underworld to continue their journey to their traditional homeland of Hawaiiki.

The old Pohutukawa tree lipping the rocks behind the lighthouse simbolised a maori spirit on its path the Te Ara Wairua to the final destination Hawaiiki.
Cape Reinga is one of the most visited sites of New Zealand, attracting thousands of tourists around the year. Lately government introduced a construction plan improving infrastructure and increase facilities around the area for the comfort of the visitors. In 2007 Cape Reinga was added to the tentative list of UNESCO in order to receive World Heritage Site status.