Christmas in Japan

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Christmas in Japan

Christmas is becoming more internationally celebrated. The trend came as far as to the Country of rising Sun. Mainly due to American postoccupation influence Christmas is being widely celebrated in Japan.  Even though it is not a public holiday however it includes most attributes of the fest  such as Christmas tree, gift-giving and Santa Claus.
By the way japanese call Santa as Santa Kurosu no ojiisan which means Grandfather Santa Claus. Another symbol of occasion – Christmas tree is usually set up inside the house and decorated with care. However most parents place the presents under the pillows of their kids while they are sleeping rather then under the christmas tree. But in some families kids hang their stockings by the bathtub for presents since there are no fireplaces in the traditional Japanese house.

In Tokyo city-heart presents of celebration is in the air. Glittering shopping mall’s decoration attracts customers, while numerous bars and restaurants welcome guests in different ways. Christmas parties are organized by many families and individuals,  they take it as a rare opportunity for common gathering and celebration. For some traditional families Christmas is a family only celebration which is usually accompanied with the traditional Christmas cake also called a “decoration cake”.

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