Freising – a beautiful little town in Bavaria, Germany

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Freising – a beautiful little town in Bavaria, Germany

On our way to our late summer holidays in Greece, we needed to transit through Munich Airport in Germany, before landing in Athens in the evening of that same day. As we had around six hours of waiting at the airport and because it was a nice and sunny day of late September, we decided to take the bus and head to its last stop named Freising, a small and charming town in the State of Bavaria. The bus costs only 2 euros per person and as the town is situated only ten kilometres away from the Airport of Munich, we arrived in Freising in less than half an hour, which gave us a good five hours to visit the town.

Located north of Munich and in the south-east of Germany, Freising is a pretty little town of nearly 50,000 inhabitants and is well-known for its two hills: the cathedral hill and the Weihenstephan hill. If you have never heard about the Weihenstephan hill before, that is the one hosting the oldest but still in function brewery in the world. The cathedral hill, as you would have expected from its name, harbours the Freising cathedral and Bishop’s castle. Did you know that Freising is the oldest settlement in Bavaria and was a significant religious centre in the early Middle Ages? So much to Freising’s culture…

We arrived just one hour before lunch time in Freising and immediately started our stroll through the old city and its pretty little streets and wide open squares. Along our walk we were impressed by the plentiful little shops selling -among others- local food and wine from Bavaria. With autumn on the doorstep, some shop owners had already started to display the typical veggies for the season. We couldn’t miss the big and colourful orange pumpkins, pleasantly displayed in the streets in an autumnish style. Gazing at all this food really got our bellies rumbling and so we headed back to Freising’s town square, called Marienplatz, where a few restaurants are gathered with their open terrace on the square. It goes without saying that our choice of restaurant was for the typical Bavarian restaurant serving traditional dishes. So we had an enjoyable jacket potato dish along with a wild mushroom filling and a big salad and obviously a glass of Erdinger, the local German beer. The Erdinger brewery, which by the way is located in the town of Erding, only a few kilometres south-east of Freising, is famous for its white cloudy beer or Weissbier in German.

After a good meal we were fully restored to continue our city tour of Freising. The town square has the most interesting monuments and buildings and so you will be able to admire there the prominent town hall and magnificent Saint George’s church behind the town hall. The town hall itself is decorated with ornaments and paintings depicting fights taken place in most probably the Middle Ages. There is also a very interesting fountain guarded by majestic lion figurines.

Sadly, it was already time to slowly head back to the airport so we walked back to the bus station and noticed a sumptuous yellow building in Bahnhofstrasse, which in fact is a baroque chapel called Altöttinger. The chapel was originally built in the seventeenth century and rebuilt in the nineteenth century after having succumbed a fire.

It was a really nice touristic adventure to visit the town of Freising and for sure way better than spending a few hours waiting stupidly and getting bored at an airport. If you have a few hours to spare at the airport of Munich while waiting for your connecting flight, I would definitely recommend you to take the bus and visit Freising instead. Even better, if your connecting flight is only departing on the next day, why not stay at a hotel in Freising?