Haunted Edinburgh: Top Ghost Walks, Tours & Attractions

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Haunted Edinburgh: Top Ghost Walks, Tours & Attractions

It doesn’t need to be Halloween to enjoy a little bit of a scare. With ghost walks and hunts operating throughout the year, why wait until All Hallows Eve to get a bit creeped out? Check out the cheap deals on Edinburgh hotels and position yourself in one of the spookiest cities in the UK – there’s nothing better than a spontaneous city break and what better reason than a dose of the macabre!

Have a look at some of these eerie tours to begin your blood curdling ghoulish adventure in bonnie Scotland…

Mercat Tours
With Mercat Tours, you can step into the candlelit depths of underground vaults, where you will learn about the various merchant trades that operated and the horror stories associated. Take a historical stance and learn more about the city or just opt for some light-hearted fun.

City of the Dead
From the graveyard tour to the underground experience, the City of the Dead will provide an entertaining evening, including a rendezvous with Mackenzie Poltergeist, before you wander down Damnation Alley

Auld Reekie
The Victoria name for Edinburgh is a perfect name for this ghost tour operator, which provides tales of bygone witch trials on the Terror Tour, before heading to the torture museum. If you’re not with your children, the Auld Reekie Terror Tour is perfect, although not for the faint hearted. Otherwise, the original underground tour of the Niddry Street Vaults or the ghost walk is thoroughly enjoyable.

Alternatively, the company also offer paranormal investigation evenings, if you want to try and hunt some ghosts for real!

The Cadies & Witchery Tours
Enjoy a tour of Edinburgh with the expert hands of an entertaining spook. The deceased Adam Lyal will take you on a journey through the medieval cobbled streets and wynds of the Old Town, purveying tales of the gruesome history as he goes.

Edinburgh Dungeons
Sure, this is the more commercial option but if you have a love of gore and the macabre, the Edinburgh Dungeons will surely provide. With over 1000 years of gruesome history to unearth and two jaw dropping rides on offer, this attraction a mere 10 minutes from the train station is an absolute must.

Real Mary King’s Close
An equally popular attraction, the Real Mary King’s Close takes you deep below the surface that is now the Royal Mile and transports you back to a time gone by. This warren of medieval streets holds many a story which an expert guide will be happy to tell.

If you’re feeling really daring, there are plenty of ghost hunting groups that operate in Edinburgh as well as throughout the UK. The vaults are a particularly popular stop for these groups, including Haunted Happenings.

Chasing ghosts and hearing about spooky goings on and bloodthirsty histories isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if it’s your idea of a fun evening, you can’t pick a better city than Edinburgh. Keep an eye on the cheap deals on Edinburgh hotels, so that you don’t have to deal with expensive accommodation and enjoy a weekend to remember.