Land of Leopard

June 18th, 20125:20 am @


The “Land of Leopard” – a national park was established in the Far East of Russia in April 2012. The Government of Russia is planning to spend 40 million Rubles yearly on park’s maintenance.

The number of these northernmost leopards has reached a critical level. According to the most optimistic estimates, there are no more than 50 Amur leopards left on the planet. Most of these gorgeous big cats – some 35-40 species – inhabit Russia’s Far East, whereas the nearby Chinese and Korean regions are the home for about a dozen others.

Vladivostok city administration, state natural funds and reserves organized a photo exhibition in Vladivostok displaying works of the most prominent nature photograph artists. The photographers traveled to the inner most parts of the recently opened national park to depict leopards in its natural environment. In the frame of the exhibition a sale of art photographs is organized. The money received from sale of show-pieces will be transferred to the fund “Far Eastern Leopard”.

For locals – the Far Eastern Leopard is not just a beautiful rare animal. It’s a symbol of freedom, liberty and courage. Despite 200 years of constant human interference and illegal hunting, this majestic spotted cat had survived and retained the original qualities of its character.