Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve and Wondercave Kromdraai

July 3rd, 20131:49 pm @


A wonderful adventure near Johannesburg, South Africa

If you wish to take one day off in the nature, during your stay in Johannesburg, then pop by the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve. I had a really great time there.

As it is slightly far from the city, you either need to hire a driver or rent a car to get there. You also have the option to book a bus tour with other visitors, but in this case it is more difficult to take nice photos of the animals.

My tour began with the wondercave Kromdraai. Although not part of the nature reserve, the wondercave is found right next to it and it is well worth visiting. There are guided visits every hour and one must stick to the schedule. The tour takes you down to 60 meters above the earth, where you can see amazing stalactites and stalagmites. In the past, workers used to extract limestone from this cave to make cement. During your visit, they will switch off all the lights so that you can get an idea how the miners used to work hundred years ago!

While visiting the nature reserve, I was really lucky to arrive at the feline area at the moment when they were feeding them. I got to approach the animals really close and I could take nice shots. The best time of my day was when I found myself only two meters away from a cheetah! Cheetahs are so beautiful and majestic too.

Risking to repeat myself, I will mention again how lucky I was that day, as around the end of my visit, I saw two rhinos; a mother with her baby! Although the park is called the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve, the driver told me that you can consider yourself lucky if you get to see a rhino!

In the reserve, you can also have the opportunity to play with the lion cubs and tiger cubs at the end of your visit. They also have cheetah cubs but… if I were you I would not try to approach them at this time of the year, as they look like almost fully-grown adults! The reserve nowadays boasts 25 different animal species. Besides lions, rhinos, tigers and cheetahs, you can also see buffaloes, antelopes, zebras, ostrich and Cape wild dogs.