WODAN – The new roller coaster at Europa-Park

June 17th, 20126:49 am @


On the 31st of March 2012, the third most famous amusement park in Europe, Germany’s Europa-Park, inaugurated a brand-new roller coaster, proudly named WODAN Timbur Coaster. As you may already know, Europa-Park is divided into sections corresponding to countries of Europe, and WODAN is located in the Icelandic quarter, between the Atlantica SuperSplash (Portuguese quarter) and the blue fire MegaCoaster, which belongs to the Icelandic quarter as well. WODAN Tibur Coaster got its name from Wodan, the Germanic name for the Nordic god Odin, and Timbur, the Icelandic word for wood.

The uniqueness of this roller coaster is —as its name implies—  that it is almost entirely built out of wood, which makes it an impressive and majestic construction of 40 metres height. The interior, where you queue until your turn to ride the roller coaster comes, resembles a dark cave with special blue lights and spooky atmosphere, delivered through vibrating ceilings, speaking walls and fog. This definitely makes your wait more enjoyable and interesting, until you finally get the chance to take a ride on the wooden coaster. The length of the ride is approximately one kilometre and it lasts a sharp three minutes. Once seated in one of the three trains, each of them made out of twelve cars, you will be thrilled to know that WODAN can achieve a speed that reaches up to 100 km/h!

Now in case you are not familiar with it, Europa-Park, located in a small village of Germany called Rust, is one of the most fun theme parks and Germany’s biggest, making it a great alternative to Disneyland in Paris. Europa-Park opened in 1975 already, and since then its owners have never ceased expanding it and adding new amusements to their park, now totalling to 15 themed quarters with 54 fun rides. The amusement park has its own mascot, a mouse named Euromaus.

Europa-Park is great fun for families, young people and even couples. Actually, it has so many attractions to discover that it is worth staying for one or two nights in a hotel in the picturesque village of Rust. If you do decide to spend a few nights in Rust, do not forget to taste the really good German food and beer served in Rust’s traditional restaurants!