Magical Getaways

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Magical Getaways

Whatever your favourite style of holiday, there’s no denying that going away is a magical time of year that’s filled with excitement and many wonderful things to look forward to.

Some holidaymakers love nothing more than returning to the same place year after year, safe in the knowledge that they know exactly where the best beaches are, the best restaurants, and the bubbliest bars. Other people prefer to try new places, maybe working their way across the Greek islands or experimenting with different resorts in Portugal. Still more are intrepid explorers – using their summer holidays as a chance to get out every day to discover the sights and sounds of their chosen destination.

If you really want a magical holiday, there are certain places that are bound to do the trick. Take Goa holidays for instance. Located on India’s west coast, this is a breathtakingly beautiful place that’s characterised by postcard-style beaches with porcelain-white sands, dense jungles that are home to exotic creatures great and small, and a friendly welcome that’s as genuine as the day is long.

But not all great holidays are found on faraway shores. Some are much closer to home – and it’s all down to the experiences you choose and what you think makes a wonderful holiday. It could be wandering among ancient ruins in Egypt, sipping cappuccinos in a Parisian cafe or chasing the horizon on a luxury cruise. From five-star retreats in the Caribbean to cheap Malta package holidays, camel safaris in Tunisia to family fun in Florida – magical holiday experiences are what you make them, and that’s what makes holidays so special.

Wherever you go this year, treasure every moment and relish the possibilities that come with each new day, and you’ll have the makings of a magical holiday that will be simply unforgettable…

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Anjuna – Goa, India by Prateek Rungta

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