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→  May 24, 2010

 Folklore goes like this – Goddess Parvati shaped Lord Ganesha out of the sandalwood dough, which she used for her bath and breathed life into him and called it her son. Now that very day she asked him to guard at the door she went to have her bath. When goddess Parvati’s husband, Shiva came […]

→  May 17, 2010

India has the charm of festivities almost all the year round. Itís like you should have various reasons to have a ball. Particularly each region enjoys celebrating all the main festivals in their own way, calling them with different names, celebrating a day or two prior to the main festivals and thus visiting here during […]

→  April 28, 2010

While Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, Easter celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and thus signifies the main postulate of Christianity. There are some controversies upon the date of Easter celebration. As there is no commonly acceptable date for the resurrection, the dates of Easter in Western and Eastern traditions of Christianity do […]

→  April 27, 2010

When the diamond like clean fresh drops of rain does pitter patter on really parched ground, it is a time of pure bliss for some of us, especially to the local people in Rajasthan. And this geological weather change turns up to be a gala event here, creating strings of festivities, and parties that sometime […]