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→  May 3, 2010

The vastness of a land can sometimes be so surprising that you are all set to find diversity from one stretch to another and from one corner to another. This hugeness can throw you in confusion, or in a profound thought, at least I am the victim of this vastness. And how I float in […]

→  April 16, 2010

Spring season is in its full swing. The beautiful tender baby leaves on the tree sprout from every nook and corner. Early morning yesterday I was gazing the exquisiteness of the freshness of nature, the newly born leaves are light green and soft to touch, the pretty flowers bloom with the unblemished squeakiness and thus, […]

→  April 13, 2010

Several years ago my grandma a social activist by occupation and an atheist by confession changed her believes and became a strong Orthodox. She found peace and strength in her new faith. But the spirit of agitation didn’t vanish completely. Christianity became her new source of inspiration, time by time, grandma involved us more into […]

→  April 6, 2010

If you love sailing and paragliding then you don’t have to pick just one activity for the day any more. Instead you can go parasailing and enjoy a free ride above the sea!  I had a chance to experience it in Paihia a pearl of New Zealand’s Bay of Islands. A group of school friends, […]